The Retroverse, a unique place for all the Aptos ecosystem.

The RetroBoys are a 2D NFT collection with different types of Retroboys such as boy, alien, robot, etc. They are fully unique and randomized with tons of different traits and the Retromons, a rare creature that can randomly accompany our boys. But the most important part is that this NFT’s will grant access to an immersive 3D experience on the Retroverse.

Here you will be able to connect,play with other Aptos believers. There will be multiple worlds and a collection museum. This museum is destined to be a place where all the Aptos NFTs can be represented, and eventually,all of the collections will be there. The museum will be a major and base world of the Retroverse,it will be a starting point before entering another worlds. And as soon as the collections worlds are integrated,their NFT’s in the museum will be the door to their holders world.

Multiple worlds and exciting opportunities will appear, we are now in the development of 4 worlds, not including the museum. They all have different topics and decorations so it will almost feel like an open world, for now there’s a medieval village,modern city,and two different styles of forests villages

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